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Milestones in Hotel KONRADIN in Kühtai

Dortmunder Hütte in Kühtai in Tyrol
Dortmunder Hütte in Kühtai

The highlights of the past years in Hotel KONRADIN

  • 1948 The foundation stone of the KONRADIN is laid by our grandfather Josef Haslwanter with the Mooshäusl.
  • 1964 Construction of Hotel KONRADIN by Josef and Antonia Haslwanter
  • 1972 The second generation, Siegfried und Marlies Schlögl, take over the KONRADIN.
  • 1977 Construction of the "Alte Stube" and sports shop
  • 1979 Europe's highest hotel tennis hall in KONRADIN
  • 1986 The roof is turned and an additional storey and room are added.
  • 1997 Construction and take-over of the lodge Kaiser-Max-Hütte
  • 1998 Construction of the toboggan hut Graf-Ferdinand-Haus
  • 2004 The third generation (Bernhard Schlögl with Julia Kretzer and Hannes Schlögl) takes over the KONRADIN from their parents.
  • 2005 The tennis hall makes way for the new construction of a swimming pool, a spa area, new rooms and a garage.
  • 2011 The next big reconstruction measure: raising of the roof to make space for the new suites, expansion of the basement garage.
  • 2014 50 years of Hotel KONRADIN Kühtai
  • 2016 Extension of the wellness area
  • 2018 Redesign of restaurant and buffet area
  • 2019 55 years of Hotel KONRADIN

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