KPark – the freestyle park in Kühtai

KPark in Kühtai

Freestyling in the midst of the Tyrolean mountains

In the midst of the Tyrolean mountain world, over 2,000 metres, you will find the KPark, a freestyle park for snowboarders and skiers, beginners and pros alike. For the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in January 2012, the park was built. The altitude encourages ideal snow conditions until spring, and the KPark crew takes care that the park is always in a top condition. Spread over the whole winter season there are events that freestyle enthusiasts will not want to miss.

Freerider zeigt im Tiefschnee Sprung-Trick

Setup KPark – the four areas of the freestyle park

Kids Park and Beginner
For the young and old, no matter what age, who want to taste the world of freestyling. In total, the Beginner Park offers four kickers and four obstacles like rails and boxes.

Ski- and boardercross stands for speed. You start in a group and go down as fast as you can over obstacles, bumps and jumps. The first one wins. An Olympic discipline since 2006.

Freestyle Area
Creatice obstacles in medium level. You'll find it at the top station WiesBergBahn with a lot of sunshine, kicker line, hip line and rail line.

The superpipe
160 metres long, more than 6 metres high and 21 metres wide. Every winter, not only the young Austrian freestyle generation trains here, but also international teams and big names such as Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen and many more.

Jibbing and freestyling in the world-famous KPark. Discover a whole new side of the ski and board sport or a funny variation in your ski holidays with the children. The Sport- und Wellnesshotel KONRADIN looks forward to your no-obligation enquiry. You can get to the KPark even faster with an online booking.

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