Recuperation, relaxation and regeneration

Massages and therapies in the wellness hotel KONRADIN

Indulge yourself in a special treatment, in the relaxed atmosphere of your holiday surroundings, which will help you to achieve complete well-being. Our massage therapists at KONRADIN SPA have longstanding experience in the areas of classic massages, meridian treatments, moxa-therapy, hot stone massage, medical taping and colour puncture, and are completely dedicated to your well-being.

"Be good to yourself. With targeted massage therapies you achieve relaxation and a healthy body feeling."

Liegen im Spabereich

Holistic treatments and individual consultation

Before each treatment there is an informative consultation, to select the best possible treatment for you. Treat yourself to some peace and quiet, and slow down. Using targeted, expert massage techniques, tension and stress can be relived and blockages in your body's energy flow disappear. Feel the benefit that the holistic approach of the treatments has on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Ruhebereich im Spa

Deep relaxation

The range of massages and treatments in the wellness area of the sport hotel KONRADIN Kühtai includes:

  • Classic massages
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Foot reflex zone massage

30 mins. | € 49
45 mins. | € 74

The classic massage relieves tension in muscles, promotes circulation and brings targeted pain alleviation e.g. cramp.

Zwei Hände bei der Rückenmassage

With the hot stone treatment stones of various sizes are placed on the body’s energy centres (back, forehead,
stomach, hands, neck). The warmth which emanates from the stones opens the energy centres in the body and provides deep relaxation.

With a foot reflex zone massage the nerve end points a regeneration impulse is conveyed to the weakened organs and the body’s powers of self-healing are enhanced.

Medical tapes, also called kinesis tapes, are coloured sticky tapes, which are used to relax muscles but also to treat injuries or inflammations. The elastic tapes follow every movement of the skin, and thus ensure a continual massage which quickly soothes complaints.

Frau bei der Rückenmassage

Moxa therapy or moxibustion describes a variety of acupuncture. Instead of stimulating energy points with needles, heat is produced above the affected areas, using small moxa cones which contain herbs.

  • Medical taping concept
  • Moxa therapy

€ 10 to € 18

A massage or regenerating body treatment can really work wonders after physical activity. No matter whether you spent an active day on the ski Pistes of the Sellrain valley, have done a long ski tour, or need some relaxation after your fitness training, a beneficial massage is just right after an active day on holiday in Tyrol.

Schöne Grünpflanzen im Wellnessbereich


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